5 James Bond Movies To Enjoy This Weekend In Quarantine

The most famous spy of all time has a great attraction for gambling. Here we tell you the reasons and we present you his best plays

Bond, James Bond , is without a doubt one of the most iconic characters in film history. Even if you have not seen the 25 films that have been made about his missions, surely you have noticed that Agent 007 has a special relationship with casinos and gambling . This is because the writer Ian Flemming, creator of the character, decided that the spy’s favorite game would be Chemin de fer , a variant of Baccarat . This was the beginning for the casinos and Bondbecome the perfect mix for the big screen. Take advantage of these days of confinement! Here are 5 movies with the five most memorable James Bond scenes in casinos :

Skyfall (2012)

Starring Daniel Craig , the most impressive thing about this scene is not the game itself, but how wonderful the place looks: the Floating Dragon casino in Macau, especially during the quiet and epic entrance of James Bond . With over 250 floating lamps, gigantic dragon heads, fireworks, and even a Komodo Dragon, this one definitely had to be number one on the list.

Goldeneye (1995)

This was the first James Bond movie in which actor Pierce Brosnan brought the protagonist to life and what better entry into the franchise than with a good scene at the Monte Carlo Casino ? In it we can see (for several minutes) the spy playing an exciting game of Baccarat , which ends up winning against Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), a not very good ex-agent.

Casino Royale (2006)

The name says it all. This film pays tribute to casinos and especially to one of the most popular poker variants : Texas Hold’em . Here we can see James Bond , played by Daniel Craig for the first time, triumphing as always, when facing Le Chiffre ( Mads Mikkelsen ) and what luck! because there was a large amount of money at stake.

Dr. No (1962)

With this film Sean Connery makes his triumphal entry into the saga and an important part of it takes place in the fictional casino  Le Cercle  in London. In this scene we find Bond playing Chemin de fer , his favorite game, while performing his classic “ Bond, James Bond ” for the first time.

Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

This was the sixth and final film in which Sean Connery played James Bond . Although it was not filmed in a real casino , the scenery is so well done that it makes it look like. In this scene we can see our agent surprising everyone by making a big bet on the game of Craps and, in the process, the beautiful Plenty O’Toole ( Lana Wood ) is struck by him.

After watching one or more of these movies , you will be so immersed in the world of casinos that you will surely want to try your luck. Have fun with our tons of poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps and even roulette options , or dare to bet on Virtuals , eSports and Simulated Reality League .

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